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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should we expect to hear back about our application and how is it being reviewed?

A: Decisions will be made by April. Applications are being reviewed by a panel consisting of faculty from the programs you are interested in, researchers at the Naval Research Laboratories, and the SERVE team.

Q: Is it a typical 8-hour workday, working on the project?

A: This is a 40 hour a week paid position though the work hours greatly depend on the project and the mentor. Though anything over 40 hours a week would not be expected.

Q: If we were to work on a project this summer would there be an opportunity to continue working on it next summer if the project is still being worked on?

A: Yes, though this is dependent upon the faculty you are working with.

Q: How many people will be granted the opportunity to participate?

A: 6 spots for the university swap (3 from UT to UNCC and 3 from UNCC to UT). These spots are competitive with a $5,000 stipend with other opportunities with a lower stipend ($2,000 to $3,000).

Q: Should we be doing anything now to prepare? I am not familiar with how research works.

A: No, this program is meant to introduce you to research. Anything outside of basic knowledge related to your college major will be taught to you during the research experience.

Q: I am currently serving in the army reserve. Can I still go to my drill weekends?

A: Your weekends are for you to do with as you please. Mentors will not stop you from performing your service-related duties. However, travel to and from your drill site will not be covered.

Q: I do not see a project that directly relates to my major or interest.

A: We encourage you to still apply and select the project that most interests you. Once we have your resume/cv in hand, we will be able to identify your strengths and seek out other opportunities to provide you with.